Financial & Virtual Career Planning Intro to WPIQ

Financial and Virtual Careers – An Introduction to WealthPath IQ

Hello, everyone. My name is Rich, and I’m proud to introduce you to WealthpathIQ.com. Our team is multicultural with employees and partners in 13 countries spanning three continents. Those individuals that help drive our message often are working in a remote environment in what we call that virtual career space. This allows our team to have a lifestyle business where they can enjoy family and friends, work on their own terms, be productive all throughout the day, but most importantly, have a lifestyle business that they enjoy.

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With Wealth Path IQ, I invite you to go to our virtual careers tab, and this is going to outline some of the virtual career opportunities that we’re seeing from our vantage point in the market. Financial services, for example, has been a space that’s been traditionally a face-to-face interactive driven business model, but in today’s environment with millennials, late baby boomers, excuse me, and the Gen X community are more and more comfortable having discussions in a virtual environment, perhaps over a GoToMeeting and app where they can get to know that person, but not necessarily have to expend the time and resources to go meet with them individually.

We’ll also explore other virtual career opportunities that make sense for individuals that can often start part-time. A lot of times 10 to 20 hours can help get a business rolling, and that sort of moment of truth will come that if you’re getting to the point where you can’t afford to keep your full-time job anymore and that may signal the time where that virtual business is really going to command a majority of your time.

Wealth Path IQ is also going to explore financial options. There is a myriad of overwhelming choices for investors that don’t have a lot of experience. Wealth Path IQ has a very simple mission statement, which is to serve you with relevant information and opportunities to get you where you want to go financially. Traditional licensed financial advisors, stock brokers, et cetera, typically are not expending any energy to reach out to those typical, average Americans that simply just want to make prudent, safe investment choices. Those individuals, those financial advisors, stock brokers, et cetera, make quite a bit more money dealing with super wealthy and wealthy individuals.

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Wealth Path IQ, on the other hand, is focusing its effort, its reach, globally, and its ability to get its message out to you. It is really designed to demystify the myriad of investment choices and really boil this down to what’s the best way to go for each unique person. We’re also going to provide licensed agents that are well equipped to hear you, go through a financial needs analysis, and really give you a boiled down version of what you need to be doing now in order to get where you want to go financially later.

We’re also going to explore an epidemic, if you will, of misconceptions about the 401(k) environment. Jack Bogle, founder of the behemoth Vanguard Funds, Tony Robbins, multiple other credible individuals we’ll bring to you, and their messaging around the fact that the 401(k) environment is really unfair, and that over time up to half of that money that should be compounding with interest is actually being siphoned out of your retirement accounts.

Lastly, we pay very strong attention to the identity theft crisis in the United States being technologists, and our team really understands the danger behind that, and we’re extending an economical way to protect your identity and the new ways that hackers and identity theft individuals are stealing information.

We invite you to contact us to field your questions, to take advantage of our licensed agents, and we want to be part of your experience to help you build your path to wealth over time, and that you’ll tell your friends and family that we’ve been a big part of helping you get there. See you soon.

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